Inside Mama’s Head is all about the thoughts that run through one mother’s mind. Whether serious, funny, life-threatening, or trivial, this mother will try to put these thoughts into writing.

Was that just a fart, or did he really poop while I'm changing his diapers?

Did he just roll his eyes at me? Should I ignore it, or should I give him a time-out, or a lecture?

It's lunch time. Have they eaten already? What if they don't like the food? What if they spill most or all of it?

Did I lock the door already?

Will they like this new recipe I'm googling?

Will they grow up fine, or messed up?

Who will they marry? Will I like their first girlfriends?

It's 3AM. He's crying. What should I do?? What did I do??

I don't like his new friend, but I'm a reasonable mother and well..I really don't like his new friend..

What was that sound? Oh, it's the sound of my heart breaking.

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