I have not written anything since the first week of December. I wasn’t busy. I had time to write, but the words just won’t come.

It started when my eldest son who is 8 years old got sick with dengue. His fever started on December 14. It was mild at first. But the next day, his temperature would go up to 41°C.

On the 16th, Friday, I took him to the lab for a complete blood count. His platelet count was at 203. The doctor told me to do a repeat cbc on Saturday.

I easily forget details otf most days. There must be something wrong with the part of my brain that takes care of memories. But I will never forget how weak Tantan was on December 17, Saturday.

When he talked, I had to strain and ask him to repeat himself because his voice was so low. His platelet count was 145, very near the border of 141.

The doctor advised to have him admitted. I was a wreck. I was so scared, I couldn’t eat and sleep. Tantan was exhibiting the signs and symptoms of dengue – high fever, low platelet count, and lethargy.

On Sunday, his platelet count went down to 74. The next day, it even went down to 52. The doctor already told us to look for blood donors so we can be ready, just in case.

Just in case. I broke down because of this phrase. I wasn’t able to hold myself anymore.

Friends and relatives brought him food and drinks that can help bring up his platelet count. Among these are:

1. Quail’s eggs

2. Apple juice

3. Apple tonic

4. Mangagao extract

5. Durian fruit

I had to force Tantan to eat these. I had to remind him how painful cbc was. I had to force him to fight, which wasn’t easy because I was close to giving up.

I made it a point to make him laugh because he believes that laughter is the best medicine. I let him watch TV so he won’t get bored, but I also make time for rest.

On Tuesday, his platelet count went up again – and it kept going up slowly, but those few increase in platelet count ignited the hope in us. Tantan was going to be okay.


And I was going to be fine too. But I couldn’t write about it until now – exactly a month after his platelet count became normal.


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