“Nag pray jud ko ug kadaghan before sa contest, Ma. Kay do your best and God will do the rest.” (I prayed a lot of times before the contest Ma. Because if we do our best, God will do the rest.)

These words were from my eldest, TanTan, after his group won 2nd place at the district wide Read-a-Thon contest held in Minglanilla Central School on November 15, 2016. There were three of them in the group – TanTan, Ladi, and Querubin – all grade 3 students.

They represented their school to the district wide contest where they had to read three stories for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, questions ranging from easy to difficult will be asked by the moderator. Their group got two wrong answers only – one in the average round, and another in the difficult round.

Even though they did not bag the 1st place, I’m still very proud of Tantan. Come to think of it, I still would be proud of him even if they didn’t get into the top 3! Just being chosen as a representative for their school is enough.

I hope that this attitude of giving the situation to God will remain in Tantan even in his adulthood. I pray that I will also have the same attitude at all times. There are simply times in life when I forget to include God in my decisions – when I think that I can handle them alone.

I seem to neglect the fact that as humans, we can do things on our own, but if we include God, He will do the rest. He will do the things we cannot do. Which is a lot.


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