I feel like I’m always at a crossroad when it comes to my career.

I have a great job at a great company, with a comprehensive health insurance that covers my husband and kids, and an enviable pension plan. To top it off, I am doing what I love most – writing. When people ask what my job is, I can finally say that I’m a writer. This has been my dream job ever since I was in high school.

But my office is two hours away from where I live, so I have to travel a total of four hours everyday. Four unproductive hours where I’d just sit on a jeepney or van, thinking about everything or nothing. Four valuable hours that could have been spent cooking for my family, tutoring my eldest son and monitoring his school and after-school activities, or spending time with my toddler, watching him drool over Mickey Mouse.

There is an opportunity to work closer to home, but that would mean losing the health insurance coverage for my whole family because the new job does not offer health insurance. It would also mean leaving my career as a writer, which would mean losing my dream job.

But it would also mean spending more time with my husband and kids. I’d finally be able to cook dinner for them. I’d be the one to fetch my third-grader from school. I’d be there when my toddler finally speaks a complete sentence. I’d be there to answer their questions, guide them, know who they are hanging out with. I’d be there for them most of the time on a daily basis.


Where do I go? Which path should I take?


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