Most Filipinos were on a TGIF mode last September 2, 2016, except for those who got their hearts broken recently, and can’t bear the thought of weekends spent alone.

Some went to their favorite restaurants to catch up with friends, while some may have gone to bars or clubs to get wasted. I bet most Mamas, like me, went home directly from work to be with their kids and family.

That Friday ended with a blast. Literally. A bomb exploded at a night market in Davao City, killing 14 people and injuring dozens more. News about it filled the internet, social media, and television.

As more events unfold, there is one question that is bugging me: How do I protect my kids from events like this?

Do I pull my eldest son out from school and start homeschooling?

Should we stop going to malls, marketplaces, and other crowded areas?

I don’t know. Doing these things may be extreme..but they seem to be the only solution. Right?

So..How do I protect my kids from security threats like the Davao City bombing?

The simple answer is that I can’t. I just can’t. The only thing I can do at this point is pray for safety. In light of the recent events in our country, I’ve come up with three things we should pray for:

  1. Pray for President Duterte. While some may not agree with his leadership style and his methods in addressing the country’s problems, let us not forget that as Christians, we are instructed to submit to governing authorities.

 President Duterte does not need criticisms right now. He needs our prayers. Let’s pray that God will give him (and the officials in-charged with the country’s security) the wisdom to deal with the terrorist group that is responsible for the bombing.

2. Pray for the victims, their families, and the witnesses. Let us pray that the families of those who died in the bombing will receive the promised help from the government. Most importantly, let us pray that they will have the strength to face this painful event in their lives.

Let us pray for the complete healing of those who were injured. The emotional wounds will take years to heal, but our prayers will hasten the process. Also, let us not forget the people who witnessed the whole thing. we should pray that the bombing will not scar them for life and that they will have the proper support to deal with the trauma.

3. Pray for the terrorist groups.At this point, the only thing that I can do to protect my kids from terrorist attacks is to pray that these terrorist groups will have a change of heart.

I’ve read about an ex-rebel who decided to leave his group and their violent ways after he encountered Jesus. Remember Paul, the extremist who killed and imprisoned many Christians, but later on became a powerful preacher and missionary because of his encounter with Jesus? Exactly.




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