Have you ever felt like all the time you thought you had has passed by? I feel like that almost all the time. I feel like life has just passed me by and I can’t do anything about it.

As a mother, I look at my kids and ask myself, “Where did all the years go?” It felt like not too long ago when I was just changing my eldest son’s (Tantan) diapers, tickling him, and laughing at his giggles. Now, he’s already eight years old.

Eight years old. In third grade. Already has crushes. Where did all those years go?

Then there’s my youngest son, Matt. It seems like it was only yesterday when I went through a cesarean operation. I can still feel the pain when I see my incision. Heck, who can forget that anyway?

Now, Matt is already 1 year and 5 months old. He can walk, mumble a few syllables, and understand simple instructions.

Time, as one of my favorite authors wrote, is a b with an itch. It screws everyone. Time flies, for sure, and I’m left here asking where it went.

Time’s running. Are you running with it?

On a positive note, this fact about time teaches me to value each second that I spend with my children, husband, family, and friends.

Have you noticed the way you savor that first bite of food when you are already very hungry?

Have you noticed the way you read and slowly reread the text or email from a person you miss so much?

That should be the way we spend our time with our loved ones, so that even though time flies, we know where it went – into our hearts and memories.



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